Hopefully you’ll find many good reasons for choosing us for your photography tuition but here’s an overview……..

Why Come to Us

A strength of Nigel’s teaching is that not only does he teach what to do and how to do it but WHY you do it.

Nigel’s highly professional but relaxed approach ensures that what can seem complicated in photography usually isn’t!. He also believes that you don’t need most of the settings to take great pictures: he will tell you what controls are important and which you’re better leaving alone!!

If you’re a beginner, Nigel will explain everything you need to know in easily understandable terms, if you’re more experienced, you’ll be able to move on from your existing level and start taking great pictures

Nigel’s other main strength is in simplicity of composition and in creativity in ‘Point of View’ – where you take your picture from! He will reinforce the need to keep your pictures simple, concentrating on what you want to acheive with your picture.

Also with our incredibly comprehensive course notes, you won’t forget what you learnt on the day – it’s all written down for you in simple, visual form to take away with you.

So, choosing us for your photography tuition couldn’t be an easier choice!

1-1 Photography Mentoring

What we offer – A summary

One to One / 2 People (booking together) Courses (available on any mutually convenient date): Cost from £149 pp for a Half Day CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

All One to One / Two People courses which are based on a questionnaire sent in advanced and tailored to your individual requirements, experiences and preferences (example of Beginners Course attached – intermediate / advanced or specialist subjects also available). Your level of experience or camera and equipment doesn’t matter; we cater for photographers at beginner level with a compact camera to experienced photographers with a range of equipment looking to develop their skills further.

Group Workshops (available on fixed pre-arranged dates): COST from £99 pp CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Group Workshops work to a pre-organised agends but with as much flexibility on the day as possible. They are categorised into Beginners and Landscape Courses and are always One  Day Courses which take place on a Saturday throughout the year. The day is split into a studio based tutorial session, practical sessions on location and a studio based review and post-processing session. This is to ensure that all participants understand the complete digital image making process.

Very Comprehensive 1:1 Photo Class

I attended a 1:1 photography session with Nigel, which was due to involve night photography/star trails. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was poor and Nigel was completely flexible with rescheduling to earlier in the day to avoid this.

Nigel is very thorough and provided a pre-course questionnaire to identify what the session would prioritise and we reviewed this at the beginning of the session.

We started with theory and indoor work to avoid the rain and then visited several locations with which Nigel was very familiar for practical application of skills.

Nigel has developed excellent course notes which he provided after the course. This saves making copious notes in the field, although I would recommend taking a notebook for key points.

I would definitely recommend Nigel/Creative Photography Wales.

Ieaun, 1-1 Course, January 2019