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I’ve very recently bought a little place (it is small!) in a fabulous part of Italy- I got the keys to it in June 2019.

The village I’ve bought it in is called Pennadomo in the Abruzzo Region (about half way down the country).

It’s very much traditional Italy. The region is mountainous (the Apennine Mountains form a stunning backdrop), charcterised by a traditional rural landscape, dotted with medieval castles on hilltops, villages with narrow winding streets and much more.

Unlike many places in the mediterranean region, it’s not wall to wall sunshine or flat light! It has real seasons, with the mountains producing a changeable climate – perfect for photography! Don’t worry too much about the pictures on the right; the sun does come out as well!

I’m planning to run workshops from there, and eventaully in other parts of Italy, from 2020.

I’ve set up a section on this website that includes the story of how I’m going to be refurbishing my new property in Pennadomo and on progress with setting up workshops.

The image opposite gives a flavour of what the landscape around Pennadomo is like. The old house picture isn’t my new place but it caught my eye nonetheless!

I’m currently doing my best to pick up at least some Italian courtesy of Duo Lingo……………..

So, please go to Nigel’s Italy Page and you’ll find out much more
Italy Photography Workshops