On-Line Photography Tuition Designed around your Priorities

Why book an On-Line Photography Course?

On Line Learning offers you the opportunity to learn about your camera from your own home, allowing you time to go and practice what you’ve learned in the sessions. It’s also very time effective, no travel and your commitment need only be an hour at a time!

Whatever your level of experience, from beginner to advanced, learn practical and creative skills with an On-Line Photography Session or Course so whether you’re just getting to know your camera or need assistance on a specific subject in outdoor photography, I’ll be able to help you out!

Sessions are available from One Hour upwards from £60. Critique and Feedback options are from as little as £10!

Click on the Details and Pricing Schedule Tab below for more details. We normally suggest that if booking multiple sessions, that if possible you allow for a decent amount of practice in between.

So……., there’s an option for you whether you want to:
  • Learn from the basics of your camera to advanced controls
  • Learn about composition
  • Learn about natural light control
  • Learn a specific technique on outdoor photography
  • Learn about a specific subject
  • How to upload, view and store your images
  • How to Post-Process your images
  • …..and whatever else you’d like to learn on Outdoor Photography!
There are 3 Options

You can also Download any of my Wide Range of Course Notes

On-line Photography Tuition with Nigel Forster

What you can learn with an On-Line Photography Course

On-Line One to One Sessions

An Individual One Hour Session or a Choice of 5 or 10 Sessions based on a Learning Plan

Critique and Feedback Emails

Choose from a Single Feedback Option to 3 or 6 Month Feedback Plans

On-Line Webinars

Join one or more hour long Webinars about your favourite Outdoor Photography subjects.

Course Note Downloads

Choose from a wide range of Course Notes on a wide range of subjects

Choose an On-Line Photography Course if:

  • You find on-line learning effective and a way of learning that suits you
  • You have limited time and can only spare an hour or two at a time
  • You prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home
  • You’re at home in Lockdown!

What’s included?

  • A Flexible On-Line Course tailored to your skill level
  • Questionnaire and Agreement of an On-Line Learning Plan
  • Exercises to try after the session and feedback on your pictures based on the session via email
  • Download copy of relevant course paper related to learning subject

Choose your On-Line Photography Experience