Capture old and new architecture in Industrial and contemporary Birmingham. You’ll learn striking composition, the use of perspective, long exposures, architectural details, mixed lighting and interior photography.

The Day fee is £149 or £275 for 2 booking together. In future I plan to offer a weekend option

If there are 3 of you attending we can run a dedicated session with you at a combined fee of £395 on any day of the week.

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Join me for a day in Englands second city:Birmingham has a great industrial heritage but also a wealth of contemporary architecture. We capture historic and contemporary architecture and cityscapes.

The workshop is also timed so we’re able to capture the cities during the day, dusk and night, when cityscapes often look at their best!

Whether you want to capture the city at night, capture architectural abstracts, capture modern or historic architectural interiors, there’s a wealth of photographic opportunities in Birmingham.

The workshop fee is for tuition only.

If you want to find out more information about Birmingham before your visit, or want to see details of some of the great locations, click on Visit Birmingham

To view details about the Birmingham Architectural Photography Weekend before booking, see my Itinerary

This workshop offers the following great opportunities:

  • Fabulous cityscape and Architectural Photography
  • A night cityscape experience
  • Long exposure photography
  • Architectural abstracts
  • Iconic Contemporary Architecture and Engineering Structures
  • Iconic Historic Buildings and Architectural Interiors

Please view and download our Itinerary

Please also view our Terms and Conditions before booking.

Additional information

Number of People Booking

One Person, Three Booking (Dedicated workshop), Two Booking Together

Dates Available 2024

Saturday 12th October 2024 One Day Workshop