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I have Photography Course Notes and other material on a wide variety of Outdoor Photography Subjects.

They’re on technical subjects (for example Camera Settings for Manual Exposure Control) to more creative aspects of photography such as Creative Composition or Natural Light Control. You can see a full list of available subjects with prices Here (this is an initial list and subject to constant updating as i write more notes and update exisiting ones.

All Course notes are Downloadable in PDF form priced at £5 or £7.50 depending on the Course Notes. Some are quite brief and specific (most of these are £5) others broader and more comprehensive (generally priced at £7.50 per copy).

I’ve not listed individual course notes here (though am planning to do so!). In the meantime Contact Me and I’ll send you the one(s) that you’re looking for

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Course Notes PDF Download

Course Note Priced at £10, Course Note Priced at £5, Course Note Priced at £7.50

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