Training following redundancy

Have you recently been made redundant, live in Wales and need support in becoming a professional photographer?

The ReAct III Programme is run by the Welsh Government.

It provides a package of training support that helps people gain new skills, overcome obstacles and improve their chances of returning to work following redundancy.

The ease of access of photography, the wide range of potential markets and popular ‘hobby’ interest, encourages many people to look to developing a new career in photography.

The ReAct III programme is funded from ESF (European Social Fund) sources. ReAct does not procure training or contract with training providers to deliver training. Therefore Creative Photography Experience, in common with other training providers, is not contracted by either the Welsh Government or Careers Wales in offering training under the ReAct programme.

Initially applicants for funding are directed to Careers Wales who undertake an independent and unbiased assessment of training needs. Please approach Careers Wales before speaking with us about any aspect of training.

React 3 Photography Training
React 3 Photography Training

React Course with Nigel

“I have completed a ReAct programme with Nigel after Careers Wales suggested him as someone who could help. We started with a plan of action covering both my photography and business skills and he helped me put together a business plan.¬†

Since the training, my skills and knowledge of how to develop a photography business have improved beyond all recognition and I’m now starting to sell some of my images.

The course notes he provides are also incredibly well put together and really comprehensive. It’s early days but I’m hopeful!

Thanks Nigel for all your help – wish me luck!”

Paul S. ReAct Training Course September to December 2016

More Information

Nigel himself benefited from support under the ReAct programme early in 2009. As well as being a Professional Photographer since setting up Creative Photography Wales that year, Nigel has previously managed a business. He can therefore assist not only in developing your photography skills but can also support you in developing your photography business.

Before approaching Nigel, in the first instance you will need to speak with Careers Wales.

They will be able to discuss your training needs with you, advise you on grant eligibility, the range of business development options open to you and the range of training providers in your area who can meet your requirements.

If you then decide to discuss training in photography and developing your business with Nigel he will be more than happy to speak with you!

Alternatively you may just want training in photography as an integral part of a wider programme of support under the ReAct II programme. Nigel is equally happy to offer this support and ensure that your photography training is linked to and relevant to the wider programme.

Who is eligible?

This support is available if you:

  • Have become unemployed in the last six months as a result of redundancy, are currently unemployed and have not been in continuous employment of 16 hours or more per week for six weeks or more since being made redundant
  • Are under a current notice of redundancy
  • Are a resident in Wales at the date of issue of notice of redundancy
  • Have not undertaken (or have not undertaken since being made redundant) any training which is funded directly or indirectly by public funds.

We can help

Nigel will help you with the following and work with you to create a photography business development programme that meets your needs:

  • Developing your skills in photography
  • Developing your photography business plan
  • Finding your ‘USP’ and making the most of it!
  • Developing a ‘commercial eye’ and identifying what sells
  • Promoting and marketing your work
  • Networking and finding new business
  • Finding a supply network that provides cost effective solutuons
  • Developing innovative new prodcut ideas
  • What not to do – learn from Nigel’s mistakes!!